police officer joseph mccormack

emergency service squad 2

september 29, 1983


For over three hours, Emergency Service and the Hostage Negotiating Team held a tight perimeter on Mulford Ave. in the 4-5 Pct., where, on September 29, 1983, an emotionally disturbed male, was barricaded inside a residence, armed with a shotgun. Meanwhile, Police Officer McCormack had returned to Squad 2 quarters after a morning court appearance. Upon learning of the ongoing hostage situation, instead of ending his tour, he voluntarily responded to the Bronx scene. With Officer McCormack positioned next to a backyard tree to protect the Hostage Team, the gunman emerged to a rear deck and fired a shotgun blast at Officer McCormack. Although mortally wounded, the officer shouldered his shotgun and returned fire, collapsing, as another ESU officer shot and killed the suspect.