Since early 2020, REMA has experienced changes, challenges, a major health crisis, some painful losses, some modest gains and now, a bright new beginning.

In 2021, our founder and REMA coordinator, retired Detective Tony Sanpietro, had re-located to sunny Florida for a much deserve future of sunshine and happiness. After keeping our Emergency Service Unit family and treasured friends together for a quarter-century, we are all profoundly grateful for his untold sacrifices, unique personality, endless service and sincere dedication. As Tony retires, he will remain a force and a legend of REMA going forward.



Our shared ESU heritage means that we regard one another in the highest esteem for one simple, yet honorable symbol, which binds us together for all time: WE WORE THE ICONIC EMERGENCY SQUAD PATCH.

Absent a newer, younger group of people who are willing and able to take on the demands of a fully functional fraternal association, the present form of “REMA” is at risk to fade away. A future REMA requires significant upgrades for a staffed and managed association. Such a new structure will require a team approach, with many hands and future leaders if REMA is to survive.

A new squad of REMA members was recently formed (*see below list) and promises to take Tony’s “baby” far into the future, thus securing this great legacy. The new team will open new frontiers, with an expanded vision, for all REMA members. Whether breaking bread together, or honoring our cherished bretheren, or engaging our active duty cohorts, the next generation of REMA guardians will place primary focus on all members, past, present and future.

  • A committee – as a TEMPORARY BOARD OF OFFICERS – has formed a legal “REMA” corporation, with tax advantages, banking, by-laws and mission statement, dues and member-wide elections, so as to allow the REMA membership to vote, elect and install a PERMANENT Board of Officers through a transparent member-wide election process.

Everything will be open to member wide review and open elections shall be conducted at the earliest opportunity.


  • REMA luncheons and social gatherings will resume, with greater regional reach on a rotating basis to offer improved travel access for all.


  • A re-designed and highly interactive website as the primary means of information, notifications, REMA news topics, articles of interest, ESU history and exchanges of ideas, suggestions and business needs.


  • New and more creative means to bring aboard our active service members – THEY ARE OUR FUTURE AND OUR FAMILY AND WE NEED THEIR PARTICIPATION AND SPIRIT TO ENSURE REMA LONGEVITY.


  • A new membership process and application form with annual dues notice will be distributed in order to update our membership data base. Revised membership levels will be established as follows:
      • Dues will be collected annually on January 1ST – at $25 – [Gold/SILVER Star Exempt]


Please support our mutually shared mission and vision in every possible way that each individual member may contribute, whether big or small. We eagerly welcome your input and frequent visits to the internet site.

There will be greater need for willing individuals to take up the cause and help share the workload, which is required to bring REMA forward toward a higher structure. REMA needs your help and encourages you to volunteer. The temporary board members are only the facilitators, who present these challenges, based upon recent changes and numerous REMA members’ voiced concerns – whether the task at hand becomes successful is up to the membership.


We each served with honor, passion and dedication in one of the most respected law enforcement tactical and rescue operations in the world, soon to celebrate a century long record of duty, action and emulation by scores. The bond we forged goes beyond blood, sweat and ultimate sacrifices of our cohorts – we risked life and limb together for the best years of our lives. Let us move forward together in fraternal unity.


                May God bless REMA, NYPD-ESU and the United States of America.


*Interim board of officers:

  • Founder and REMA Coordinator Emeritus: Tony Sanpietro
  • President: Al Baker
  • 1ST Vice President: Joe Dalton
  • REMA Chaplain: NYPD – Assistant Chief – Monsignor Robert J. Romano
  • Legal Counsel: Mr. Greg Sullivan, ESQ.
  • Treasurer: Glen Klein
  • Recording Secretary: Tony Conti
  • Communications Officer: Tony ‘Cooch’ Cuccia
  • Sergeant at Arms: Frank Pinto
  • Active Duty Liason: Steve Stefanakos

Interim board officers at large:

Jack Cambria

Vincent Giordano

John McArdle

Owen McCaffrey

Michael Stapleton



Interim REMA President: Al Baker