March 25th of each year is designated as NATIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR DAY. Chosen because it was on that day in 1863, that the first Medals of Honor were presented. They were awarded to six members of Andrews’ Raiders, (read their story here). Here are a few things to do to remember and honor these Heroes: Fly our flags -American and NYPD; Remember – send a note of appreciation; Tell your friends and family about a Hero; Visit a cemetery; Do some research and spread their stories.

In honor of National Medal of Honor Day here is a reprint of a page from the 2021 REMA calendar showing the names of all the members of Emergency Service that have been awarded the New York City Police Department’s Medal of Honor.*

We want to update this list to include all REMA members that have received the NYPD Medal of Honor. If you know of anyone that has, please let us know.


* Their individual stories will be published soon.