rema MEMBERSHIP application


REMA membership is broken down into five catagories:
–  Emergency Service Unit/Special Operations/NYPD member (retired or active).
–  Gold Star: Family member of a Line of Duty Death Officer (dues exempt)
–  Silver Star: Age 75+ (dues exempt).
–  Law Enforcement Associate Member (non NYPD)
–  Honorary Associate Member (non law enforcement)


You can download the form below and mail it in, or click the button below to submit the form online. This is preferred.
Fill in all information and submit the yearly dues of $25, if applicable, one of the following ways:

Check or money order payable to:
REMA and mail it to: PO Box 7435. Wantagh, NY 11793

or ‘electronically’ via:


VENMO: @REMAESU (if asked for code use ‘6598’) or

PayPal: REMAPP@NYPDREMA.COM (use friends option).



CLICK HERE to apply online

click on the form below to download the form to your computer