Thomas Gargan

Grandfather to retired ESS 7
Sergeant Mike Gargan.

Patrolman Gargan was shot and killed after responding a burglary in progress call.

Patrolman Gargan and his partner were on patrol in a radio car when they received a call that there was a burglary in progress in an apartment at 132 Bank Street, Manhattan. The patrolmen responded and found that the door to the apartment was open. When Patrolman Gargan entered the apartment, he was shot and killed by the suspect. The suspect was armed with a flare gun that had been modified to fire one 12-gauge shotgun shell.

Patrolman Gargan’s partner shot wounded the suspect. He was then arrested and charged with murder. The suspect was executed on January 6, 1949, after being convicted of murder.

Patrolman Gargan was a highly decorated officer who had received the Combat Medal two years prior after being involved in a shootout in Greenwich Village. He was posthumously awarded the New York City Police Department’s Medal of Honor for his actions in this incident.

Patrolman Gargan had served with the New York City Police Department for 20 years and was survived by his wife and four sons. He was assigned to the 6th Precinct.

1923-’27 USMC, NYPD 1927 1927-’33 Strong-Arm Squad 1933-8/17/47 EOW, 6th Pct. “Fidelis Ad Mortem”