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may 27, 2022 changes in REMA Board of Directors

From:       Al Baker, REMA President
To:           ALL REMA MEMBERS
May 27, 2022
Since REMA has undergone new leadership and has become a tax exempt corporation, a board of officers was created as a temporary measure, until such time as full structure and organization is in place, so that an election process could be held. REMA has grown significantly and has produced many successful events and achievements. Improvement has not been without trial and error. 
Recently, REMA First Vice President, Eddie DaSilva, has resigned from the board and has submitted the following statement:
A year and a half ago I was asked to join a team of E-Men in order to form a solid foundation for the future of REMA. This effort took the team and myself down avenues we could never imagine and I am proud of everything that was accomplished. Due to personal reasons I will no longer be able to commit to the time and effort needed to be an effective member of the team and therefore I will be stepping down as a member of the REMA board.
Thank you to all the members who helped in making the future of REMA a reality.

 Sgt. Eddie DaSilva (ret.)
 E.S.S. #7
We wish Eddie the very best for the future and we thank him for his REMA service.
With this departure, the everyday REMA Operating Board is now reduced from 4 to 3 members. At the initial creation of REMA, Incorporated, the board was much larger. However, the larger group will now be designated as the REMA Advisory Board, because the actual day to day running of REMA is done exclusively by the three member Operating Board. Full Board meetings will still include both Operating and Advisory Board members, whenever such larger participation becomes necessary.
Going forward, I am requesting that all REMA members take note of the following changes and future needs:

  • For REMA to continue to exist and succeed into the future, it will depend on membership support and additional Operating Board members. Of extreme importance is for younger and active members, as well as retirees, to become board members, because of both an ever increasing and more demanding workload, as well as to ensure REMA’s future survival.
  • As a reminder to REMA members, with regard to the numbers of social media outlets and various other communication options, the REMA website continues to be the most accurate and timely source of association news and announcements. REMA urges all members to use the website, provide feedback, and urge others to do likewise; also to sign up for email notifications, and last but far from least, to send in your dues beginning the first of January every year.


Please consider volunteering to help run the Association and provide us with any suggestions, opinions or advice for the continuation of REMA – to be clear – there is no ‘staff at REMA’.  As of now, it is basically three retired guys keeping up with what is rapidly becoming an increasing workload. REMA will need your help to keep this great fraternity in motion for the next generations of E-Men and Associates.



Al Baker
Retired and Active Emergency service Members Association