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To All Members:

We are blessed and fortunate to have among our REMA ranks the likes of retired Sergeant Frank Ferrara, ESU, who personally responded to Westchester County Medical Center recently to donate $1,500.00 in cash to the family of retired Detective Mike McCutchan, ESS-10/TARU, who was is a serious accident on Wednesday, October 20, 2021.

Frank himself suffered a near fatal line of duty injury while in Emergency Service, and has since dedicated himself to his own, “E-Strong” coin fund in which ready cash is donated to REMA friends and colleagues that are in crisis. Although Frank’s fund is not officially a part of the REMA corporate association, a close working alliance exists and we support and endorse this generous endeavor put forth by a man who lives and breathes his own dedication to those in ESU and beyond, who kept him from death’s call by mere fractions. Frank knows and feels the struggle that cohorts like Mike now face. The recovery will be long and uncertain.  Frank knows families’ in such state appreciate and need available cash in hand. Frank has been there himself. He has four other retired and active ESU members on his fund, who form consensus on donations. Aside from challenge coin money, E-Strong has received several very generous donations from our REMA colleagues and has used these donations three previous times to assist members in immediate need.

We salute and praise E-Strong with every instance of fraternity past and future.

Detective McCutchan, like generations of E-Men, knew no other way than to be there at the very moment when life or death intersects.

The membership of REMA should be aware of the details of this outstanding measure of support in the true traditions of our founding. REMA is proud of our alliance with E-Strong and stands ready to offer back-up.


Contact REMA for more information or to donated to the fund.